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University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool

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Prof Chris Proudman MA, Vet MB, PhD, Cert EO, FRCVS, RCVS, Specialist in Equine Gastroenterology.


Talks on his involvment in the ScientifEQ laboratory

Many of our current veterinary practises outsource their faecal egg counting to our laboratory which leaves their staff free to concentrate on their clients requirements. Some practises send us all their samples whilst other practises use us as an over flow service to cover staff holidays or at peak times of the year.  All of our veterinarian clients have the peace of mind that the consistant high quality service originated through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the School of Veterinary Science at Liverpool Univeristy, led by Professor Chris Proudman, and is still run to the same quality levels and offers a 48 hour sample turnaround time.

Faecal Egg Counts






The laboratory uses the Modified McMaster technique and tests each sample twice.  


If there is a varience of concern between the two results, then the remaining dung is tested two further times. This ensures the accuracy of the results.


The results are reported as an average eggs per gram result.


Lungworm Test










Lungworm assays can be carried out on a variety of farm animals.


The results are reported as positive or negative.

Liver Fluke Test










Our services provide you a positive or negative result which will support your diagnostic process.

Tapeworm Test












We can also offer a tapeworm flotation test.


The results are reported as postive or negative. 




For further information about any of our services, or to find out how to utilise our services for your practice, please either call us on 01267 22 33 22 or click below 

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