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365 Parasite Support Service

365 Parasite Support Service

For stress free worming.

365 Parasite Support Service

Our team of advisors are constantly developing new parasite support services in response to feedback from our customers.

One comment that we consistently received is that horse owners were not sure what to do next....

Once you have had a faecal egg count result, when do you do your next one? What worms are covered by the sample and which wormers do you still need to do? Also when is a clear faecal egg count result a false negative?


365 Parasite Support Service was developed to help horse owners address all of these concerns.

  • Full Risk Assessment of your horse and its grazing conditions

  • Recommended worming strategy for 12 months

  • Detailed faecal egg count test and worming calendar for 12 months, individually specified for your horses needs





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