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Great Margins,  Bright Packaging and Topical Issue.  What more could you want from a retail product?


The ScientifEQ retail pack is bright and colourful in a box format which makes it easy to stack on the shelves alongside worming products.  It is highly visible and with faecal egg counting such a topical issue this makes it an ideal "add on" purchase for any equine customer at the point of sale. 


The packs come in convenient sizes which offer savings for your customers and better margins for yourselves.


We offer the kits on a sale or return basis.

Faecal Egg Counts







The laboratory uses the Modified McMaster technique and tests each sample twice.  This ensures the accuracy of the results.


If there is a varience of concern between the two results, then the remaining dung is tested two further times. 




















ScientifEQ +

For those customers who want more than a single result.


  • A risk assessment is carried out based on the information supplied by the customer.

  • A parasite control strategy is recommended.

  • A detailed worming and testing regime is recommended for a 12 month period, thus ensuring repeat sales for you!!

For further information about stocking our faecal egg counts please either click below or call us on 01267 22 33 22.

Faecal egg counts are very topical at the moment and all magazines have regular features on them.  The British Equine Veterinary Association recomends that all equines should not be wormed unless a faecal egg count has been carried out to determine whether it is necessay or not.


Our retail pack provides a simple collection kit that enables your customer to take a dung sample to find out whether there are worm eggs in the dung.  We provide instructions, a reply paid envelope and even a glove.


The results can be sent directly to your client or to yourselves, within 48 hours of receipt in our laboratory.

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