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Keep safe from worm resistance

Keep safe from worm resistance

...resistance to wormers is costing the faming industry thousands of pounds. Help slow down the resistance by using diagnostic testing to determine if wormers are actually needed.

Livestock, Camelids and Goats


Farmers, smallholders and other livestock owners are generally well aware of the importance of routine dosing to protect their animals from parasitic diseases.  There is now widespread resistance to many of the white and clear wormers, so in order to identify which drenches are working faecal egg counts and fluke / lungworm tests are becoming routine practise in farms across the UK.


These tests will make sure that you don't waste any money on ineffective worming, and that your livestock are managed in optimum health.  Parasite infections have a direct effect on the weight gain of the animals, and can result in low weights.  


ScientifEQ have a two tier process for these tests.


Each test can be ordered individually on a one off basis and the results will be reported within 48 hours of receipt in our laboratory.


Annual test routine -  If you advise us of the type and number of livestock that you have, then we can advise on an annual testing regime that can be set up with an easy payment plan.



Livestock, Camelid and Goat Tests

We offer farmers the opportunity to choose from our diagnostic tests which are carried out in our laboratory at competitive rates, for fluke, lungworm and nematode eggs.

Annual Testing Routines

ScientifEQ offer a unique service to small holders and farmers to devise programmes specifically to meet the needs of individual circumstances. All the programmes ensure that worming is only carried out when necessary and has the economic advantage of ensuring that the correct diagnostic tests are used at the most appropriate times.

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