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Worm damage can be invisible

Worm damage can be invisible

.... so to look after your horse as well on the inside as you do on the outside.

Why do I need this service.....?


The main reason is that there is now reduced efficacy to all of the wormers that we have in the UK (which means they are not working as well as they used to).  This is because the worming programmes that have been recommended to us, over the last 20 years and still today, do not take the horses’s natural immune system into account.


When a number of horses are wormed on the same day with the same wormer, then a little know fact is that in each horse the wormer will stop working on a different day.  Sometimes as much as 8 weeks apart!!


This problem is now continuing with faecal egg counts, with horse owners being advised to worm solely based on a faecal egg count result.


There is the basis of truth in this advice but the same result can be interpreted differently depending on the age, grazing conditions, worming history and natural immune system of each individual horse.  


This is creating a situation whereby equines are still on the wrong worming programme because the faecal egg count tests are either being carried out at the wrong time or the results are being interpreted incorrectly.


Fred has not been wormed for a year and his faecal egg count result in July is  “no eggs seen”.


INTERPRETATION:  Fred has very low, if any, worm activity and would only need 2 or 3 faecal egg counts a year with supplementary tapeworm and bot treatments. He may also have the encysted stage of the small redworm present as it can take over two years for the larvae to emerge, and so an annual treatment for this would be a good precaution

Case Study 1

Case Study 2


Oscar has been wormed every 8 weeks for the past year.  His last wormer, which contained moxidectin was given 4 weeks ago.  His faecal egg count result is “no eggs seen”.


INTERPREATION:  The result indicates that the moxidectin chemical is still working at 4 weeks post application.  This result does not indicate in any way what level of worms Oscar has.

Case Study 3

Merlin has not been wormed for many years and has a faecal egg count result of 1,000 eggs per gramme in January.


INTERPRETATION:  Merlin has a high level of worm activity and could be at risk of small redworm disease as well

Case Study 4

Oscar (in case study 2), has a further faecal egg count 8 weeks after the application of moxidectin and the faecal egg count result is 1,000 eggs per gram.


This indicates that not only does Oscar have a high level of worm activity, and is at risk of small redworm disease but also that the moxidectin chemical is no longer as effective as it should be.  This is very serious as the chemical should work for 13 weeks.




The above are just a few examples of why horse owners might need our specialised interpretation services, that ensure the results are interpreted in relation to your own horse.  Horse owners may also being misled, as although there is no resistance to some chemicals they are no longer as effective as they used to be.  This is the start of the development of resistance and should be taken very seriously.


The other scenario which is common is when horses grazing the same pasture for many years, have completely different faecal egg count results.  Once again this is due to the differences in their natural immune system which means they deal with parasites in an individual way.

We have developed 3 services to address this dilemma and support horse owners in ensuring that they have the best possible care for their horse;

ScientifEQ Gold

Each faecal egg count purchased comes with an individual recommendation, after assessment of a completed questionnaire.

365 Parasite Support Services

The Gold service is extended to cover a full 12 month period.  This service includes a more detailed questionnaire and provides a documented risk assessment.


The identification of the correct worming strategy and a detailed calendar predicting when to take samples and when to worm for the 12 month period.

ScientifEQ Plus

This is our most comprehensive service and really does take away the worry of worming and make your life as easy as possible. 


In addition to the 365 service, for a regular monthly fee each collection kit is sent to you automatically and each result is assessed against your recommended calendar and any amendments made. 


The price is fully inclusive of all faecal egg counts.

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