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Horse Owners and Yard Managers


Many people who are responsible for horses are now realising that they need to incorporate faecal egg counts into their annual worming programme, whether they use natural products or chemical wormers.  Following feedback from our clients we have developed a range of services to provide you with the level of support you require at a price that is affordable.

Faecal Egg Count

Our simple testing services are fantastic value for those customers who simply want to order a faecal egg count.  You order your test(s) and we send out a collection kit to you.  The results are emailed to you within 48 hours of the dung sample being received at the lab.


There are multi horse discounts available and we have three service levels depending on how much support you would like.


We even have yard plans  whereby you can order basic faecal egg counts from £5.50 per sample or we can manage everything for you, including treatment records and automatic home delivery.



Equine Health Screens

Our laboratory can also offer health screens for the detection of fluke, lungworm, and tapeworm (using the flotation test).


We can also offer the new Equisal test, which uses saliva to detect tapeworm antibodies.


Our complete health screen package allows you to ultilise all of the screening tests which can be useful for new horses, if your horse is off colour or further diagnostics are required.


If you want to incorporate faecal egg counts but are either unsure of how to do this accurately, or too busy to manage yourself we will do it for you.


We keep a treatment history of what wormers have been given and all test results and we recommend what to do next.  All future tests can be sent through automatically (if you wish).






Life used to be very easy when year packs were available to cover your equine's annual worming requirement, and so we have developed the same convenience for faecal egg counting.


Each pack includes 4 collection kits.


Prices start from £22.80








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