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Equine Health Screens


Our equine health screens are ideal for new horses being introduced to a yard or just purchased or those who you have concerns about.  The checks are also a really useful tool as part of a well-devised annual healthcare plan.


We offer the health screens in bundles so that you can purchase exactly what you require at the most economic prices. There is also the opportunity to upgrade to one of our other services i.e. 365 Parasite Support Service, ScientifEQ Bronze, Sliver or Gold or  ScientifEQ + for those who really do want a hassle free worming programme.

Tests Explained

Faecal Egg Counts
The laboratory uses the Modified McMaster technique and tests each sample twice which ensures the accuracy of the results.


If there is a variance of concern between the two results, then the remaining dung is tested two further times. 


The results are reported as an average eggs per gram result.


For further information click here


Lungworm Test


Lungworm assays will detect any lungworm in the sample.


The results are reported as positive or negative.

Liver Fluke Test


The long wet, warm weather has evened out the differences between the seasons creating a breeding ground for fluke.


Our services provide you a positive or negative result which will support your diagnostic process.

Tapeworm Test


We offer a tape worm flotation test.


The results of the floatation tests are reported as postive or negative. 


We also offer the new EquiSal tapeworm antiobody saliva test

which will detect the level of tapeworm antibodies in saliva.


Purchase Tests

We offer some great savings if you wish to purchase more than one test as part of a complete health screen for your horse or pony.  Please click on the buttons below to select the number of tests you would like to purchase.  You can select any combination of tests including faecal egg counts, fluke or lungworm assays and either the tapeworm floatation test or the EquiSal ELISA test.

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