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Small Holder Programmes


Are you a small holder with one or several animals? Is it a headache keeping track of which animal needs which wormer, for which worms and when?... stress no more..... our ScientifEQ Small Holder Programmes can take all the hassle and guesswork out of your worming for you, and will ensure that your programme is effective and easy for you to manage... sound to be good to be true... well it is true!


How does the programme work?


We get you to complete a form about your animals to find out species, ages, numbers, grazing information, previous worming etc. From this information we carry out a risk assessment, then will establish when faecal egg counts can be scheduled so they are most effective.


Once we have carried out the risk assessment and got the results of the faecal egg counts, a qualifed consultant will design programmes for your animal/s to ensure that they only get wormed when wormers are required, and that you will no longer waste your money on wormers which are not needed.


We will then contact you to run through the programmes, once you are happy with these a full documented copy of your programmes will be sent out to you, then your treatments (faecal egg count/ wormers) would arrive on your doorstep as and when they are due, you would then just need to open the envelope and follow the instructions for sampling/ administration of wormers.


How much does it cost?


All our programmes are bespoke, therefore if you would like a quote, please click below and complete our Quote Request Form.







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