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From £26.60 ScientifEQ Silver also entitles you to access our Equine Helpline, in addition to the results of your tests.All of our faecal egg count services provide reassurance that the tests are accurate. Each sample is as standard tested twice, should there be any variance, they are then tested a further two times in the cost of one sample.The test results will be reported as eggs seen per gram of dung.Each pack includes 4 collection kits per horse. The results will be emailed to you within 48 hours of the samples being received by our laboratory.

Faecal Egg Count Year Pack - Silver from

  • Includes (as required): Sample pot Glove Prepaid return envelope Control sheet You may also upgrade to the ScientifEQ Plus service should you wish. All kits are dispatched 2nd class once purchased. Please note that only 4 prepaid envelopes will be sent if year packs are purchased for multiple horses. If you wish to return the samples in more than one package at a time then you will be responsible for the additional postage.
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