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The diagnostic services that ScientifEQ provide are suitable for all types of animals.  We have developed specific tests to detect parasite egg laying activity in dung samples.  Our laboratory can also carry out detection tests for Fluke, Lungworm, Oocysts and Tapeworm, in grazing animals.


We are also pleased to announce partnerships with Ridgeway Research and Austin Davis Biologics.  This now enables us to offer faecae testing for cats and dogs in addition to the Equisal Saliva Test, to detect tapeworm antibodies in equines.


ScientifEQ is dedicated to the effective provision of laboratory services to animal owners and we are pleased to offer substantial discounts for multiple animal owners, or if you would like to order more than one type of test.  You do not need to contact us for prices as our open and honest pricing policy allows us to confirm these discounts on our website.


Our customers have also asked us to develop further advice and support services, so we would like to launch our 365 Parasite Support Services and ScientifEQ + (for equine owners only).  


ScientifEQ + is exceptionally popular with yard owners as it addresses increasing concerns about the possible consequences of a yard owner incorrectly interpreting a faecal egg count result for a horse owned by a livery client.


The three tier range of equine services ensures that ScientifEQ clients only pay for the level of tests and support that they require.


Please select the services you are interested in below;


Please click above for all of Equine Services, including our range of faecal egg count services, equine health screens and yard services.

Please click above for faecal egg counts for cats and dogs, other pets such as rabbits and hamster and exotic pets such as lizards and tortoises.

Please click above for all of our larger animal sevices, including faecal egg counts, lungworm, fluke, tapeworm and oocyst testing for;

  • Cows

  • Sheep and Goats

  • Pigs

  • Alpaca's and Camelids

  • Deer

Please click above for all of our bird faecal egg counts for Poultry, Game Birds and Raptors.

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