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Annual Equine Healthcheck - includes Gold Faecal Egg Count, Liver Fluke Test and EquiSal Test.

All of our laboratory services provide reassurance that the tests are accurate.

Each faecal egg count sample is as standard tested twice, should there be any variance, they are then tested a further two times all in the price of one sample.

The test results will be emailed to you, and reported as eggs seen per gram of dung.

The liver fluke assey will detect any fluke present in the sample. The results will be reported as either positive or negative and will also be emailed to you.

The Equisal tapeworm Elisa test will detect tapeworm antibodies which indicate whether there has been a recent infection and the level of antibodies in the system. The results will be reported as low, borderline and moderate/high and will be emailed to you.

Annual Equine Health Check from

  • Faecal Egg Count & Liver Fluke Sample Kits include; Sample Pot Glove(s) 1st Class prepaid return envelope Control Sheet to be returned with sample. EquiSal Test Kit includes; Collection Swab & Instructions 1st Class pre-paid return envelope. All sample kits are dispatched second class after being purchased. Please note that a single reply paid envelope will be sent for samples to be returned. If you wish to return in more than one package then you will be responsible for the additional postage.
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