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"What do I worm my horse with in March?" this weeks most popular search phrase

Many horse owners are starting to think about Spring worming but are not sure about what to do at this time of year. If you look on five different websites then you will probably get lots of different recommendations, which is then even more confusing.

Here at ScientifEQ we have been concentrating on equine parasites for nearly 20 years and you can rely on the advice that we give.

The absolute best thing to do at this time of year is to take a dung sample and get it tested to see how many worm eggs are being laid by the adult worms in your horses gut, as they come out of winter. This activity is going to increase as the weather warms up so it is good to get a baseline reading now. Order your dung sample now and the results will determine what your worming programme should be. Why GUESS when you can base your worming on FACT.

Traditionally March is the time of year where you worm for tapeworm, but now you can actually test to see if your horse has been exposed to tapeworm by taking a sample of their saliva, instead of worming needlessly. Order your Equisal test now.

There are however many horse owners who are unfortunately still in a situation whereby they have to give a chemical wormer now, and so the best wormers to use are those that treat for tapeworm from the list below;

Noropraz or Equimax

Double dose of Embotape, Pyratape P or Strongid P

Responsible worming advocates do not recommend the use of Equest Pramox at this time, if you have given your horse an Equest or Panacur Equine Guard this year, as we need to preserve the effectiveness of this chemical.

Visit Wormers Direct to purchase your wormers

Keep your horses as healthy as Harry Meade by following our advice


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