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Sheep - Liver Fluke Testing


Liver fluke disease is caused by the trematode parasite Fasciola hepatica. The migration of large numbers of immature flukes through the liver, or the presence of adult flukes in the bile ducts, or both can result in the disease. Although Liver fluke can infect all grazing animals (and man), they mainly affect cattle and sheep, and the disease is most pathogenic in sheep. For further information on Liver Fluke click here.


SCOPS recommend the use of the Liver Fluke FEC testing alongside the use of flukicidal drugs as an effective regime.


The use of faecal egg counts:


  • prevents giving drugs unnessarily

  • reduces resistance

  • monitors contamination

  • determine when treatments are required


Liver Fluke tests can be carried out simply. The frequency of the intervals between testing will depend on a number of factors.





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