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Sheep Faecal Egg Count Testing


Faecal egg counts are used in sheep to:


  • Determine whether chemical treatments are required

  • Test the efficacy of a treatment previously administered

  • Provide an understanding of level conatimination on the pasture


SCOPS recommend using faecal egg count (FEC) testing in two ways to effectively test flocks of sheep:


FEC Sampling (1)


Each test must be based on at least 10 individual samples

Samples must be taken at random. Do not try to pick and choose

Samples must be of fresh dung


FEC Sampling (2)

Mob samples can be taken either by gathering them in the corner of a field for a few minutes, then picking up samples when they move.




Carry pots/bags when out sheep herding and take a sample as lambs get up.


The intervals recommended between flocks vary greatly due to a number of factors including:


  • Flock ages

  • General parasite issues

  • Management of the flock

  • Geographical location etc


As a rough guide a flock of lambs would be tested approximately every 3 - 4 weeks, however the interval is often shorter depending on previous FEC results, field history etc.


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