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Accurate testing method & technology

Accurate testing method & technology

At ScientifEQ we use the most sensitive methodology and technology endorsed by Professor Chris Proudman

Results that can be relied on

Results that can be relied on

Every sample is tested twice to ensure the most accurate result, at no extra cost.

Set up as part of KTP

Set up as part of KTP

ScientifEQ was set up with a knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Liverpool Veterinary Medicine, and approved by Professor Chris Proudman.

For fast, affordable faecal egg counts and parasite diagnostic testing for various species of animals...Results you can rely on.
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Equine, Pets & Livestock Services

Offering an extensive range of diagnostic tests for all animals from horses and pets to farm animals, small holders livestock, poultry, birds and even exotic animals

Veterinary Services

Offering veterinarians a professional, reliable laboratory facility where they can send tests for their clients with peace of mind the results will be 100% accurate.


Retailer Services

Offering retailers the opportunity to stock a number of test kits, and products whilst having the assurance that they are providing their customers with a premium product at a competitve price.

ScientifEQ is a dedicated diagnostic laboratory


ScientifEQ was developed in conjunction with the School of Veterinary Science at the University of Liverpool through a knowledge transfer partnership. This provided both the technical and research input from Professor Chris Proudman and colleagues.


At ScientifEQ we use the most sensitive, quantitative faecal egg count technology endorsed by Professor Proudman, and every sample is test twice to ensure the accuracy of the results.


ScientifEQ provides high quality, quick and reliable diagnostic services to veterinary practitioners.  We also provide a reliable service directly to animal owners who appreciate the importance of diagnostic testing as part of their parasite control programme.


ScientifEQ offer a quick and convenient diagnostic service that can be relied upon and has a great retail product for shops and saddlers.

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